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is headed today to push his to tackle gun violence. x i leave the game a full grown man. there is no better way to leave the game. >> what a send out for ray lewis. he ends his career with a huge at the super bowl. first, we are on storm watch because there is more snow in the forecast. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by thenational captioning institute-- 7 news >> the changes down the line. as we head towards the latter , we will warmek things up. a chilly start, 28 degrees in d.c. 27 and culpeper and 30 in fredericksburg.
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a bit of a windchill factor. 15 in frederick, 15 in 23 in ray. a decent start today. of the day will become. what is going on over in chicago, milwaukee, and northern indiana. by late thisrrive evening and overnight. it will bring us another dusting of snow. today, partly cloudy, 28 at 9:00 a.m. 36 degrees at 5:00 p.m. more detail on our next round of snow and the seven day forecast coming up. let's check on traffic. >> appreciate that. quiet from the traffic center. a good start here. virginia, maryland, the therict and all around region. to tell youort anything that is not goodness. in the beltway towards church. wonderful. outside the beltway, all the traffic cameras look the same.
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take a look at this 66 camera. it doesn't seem likely have have it. i will move along. interstate 95 northbound as you come out of the springfield area -- 66, thereay, you go. travel lanes are open for us on 70 and the capital beltway also looks good. -- 270 and the capital beltway also looks good. right now. of purple around the station today. >> we are excited. the ravens getting ready for in baltimorerade after winning the super bowl. at check in with brianne carter hear but preparations. it is going to be continuings throughout the next couple of days. big in the the ravens now the reigning champions. >> baltimore, we are coming home. baltimore ravens were celebrating this morning. by the older
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brother in the sibling showdown a superuperdome is now bowl champion. >> unbelievable. tough to put into words. it really hasn't sunk in yet. fight for the trophy in the big easy was not easy at all. one of the most bizarre -- moments in super history, a power outage in the superdome causing a 34 minute delay. >> just a great football game. the way the game played out, 28-6 and the lights went out. whatever happened, i just knew, on the other side, all those years we have been the game isat be a dogfight to the end. was.d it was secondrs rallied in the half. 34-31.ens held on to win >> there will certainly be a lot of purple around the area today. the utility companies are to theng powers superdome said a piece of equipment monitoring the anctrical load the sense and cut off the
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power. backup generators kicked in beore the full power can restored. a lot of people talking about energy or not the ravens blackout. of that back to you. poured into the streets to celebrate the win. they also jumped on a baltimore in theion vehicle process. hopefully things have calmed down a bit by now. i very long night in baltimore. let's get to john gonzales live there are a where lot of smiles. good morning from baltimore. what an exciting way to start the morning here in baltimore. some have not gone to bed yet. the baltimore ravens are super bowl champions and we are at this 24-hour diner. it is pretty busy this morning. the servers, everyone, even the customers wearing their ravens .ear how exciting was the game for you? extremely exciting for the
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fans. exciting for baltimore. asked how tired are you? >> i worked this shift every night. a little more excitement today. as soon as the final seconds -- seconds that seemed to , thousandsound down of fans to the street in baltimore. there was an instant party and downtown baltimore. most of it was a lot of healthy excitement. we did have an incident with a here in baltimore, windshield was smashed. police most part, controlled chaos in the streets of baltimore. -- you have not all, have you? >> absolutely not. to experience this again in the city? >> very cool.
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twot was like the tale of the power outage, what an unusual situation. >> absolutely. a great game. very much for to us. , a very exciting morning here in baltimore. baltimore ravens, super bowl champions for the second time .n their short history came into the league 1996. reporting live, john gonzales, abc 7 news. all right, even at this hour people are pretty excited. a long after they won the super fans went to get some championship merchandise. sporting goods stores stayed late so that fans could in andbuy t-shirts and hats as you canareas , fans cannot contain
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their excitement about the wind. one of the guys i work with is a 49ers fan. i am ready to go rub it in his face tomorrow. baltimore, way to joe flacco. the leader ofr this new team. i like that woman saying she to let her coworkers know how it goes from now on. dick sporting-goods will open again at 6:00 a.m. for fans theirneeding to get championship gear. abc seven stay with coverage of the .uper bowl win photo gallery on our website, >> it is 5:07 right now. the debate over guns in america president obama traveling to in an effort to win support for his proposals. the white house says minneapolis taken important steps to reduce gun violence. meet withent will leaders and law enforcement officials in order to discuss what he calls set of common
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sense ideas to reduce gun violence. two northern virginia in als will be featured that looks aty possible warning signs for school shootings. that is the word from our wto -- wtop. they signed an agreement with releasedls to not it the names of the schools used. it will air on pbs february 28. 26 degrees out. still ahead, funeral services will be held for the former new york city mayor.
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good morning. get up and get going. a lot of us bleary-eyed after super bowl. 5:11 is the time. a kind of chilly day. clipper headed our way to bring another dusting of snow. adam, can you just take all of these and make them into one big >> we[no audio] hear adam. i know the answer was yes.
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these temperatures for you, we waking up to 23 degrees in washington. germantown, 24 this morning. 23.mbia is we will have increasing clouds someghout the day after morning sunshine. between 34mperatures and 38 degrees. we do have a warm up on the way. .r details on that dusting coming up in just a few minutes. try to regain audio his so we can hear thoughts and feelings on the upcoming snow. in the meantime, we will go to traffic. >> thank you so much. for our early birds hitting the , good. no problems to report. a quiet start. i hope it stays that way. good morning to our nation's capital. no problems to report. , making thevenue trip into virginia -- north on , not just newington and out ofield, but
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stafford, no problems to report. getting it going around the to this once you get point. the beltway looks great. ireland in virginia, if you are traveling between baltimore and beltway, good in each direction. we like this. .> thank you so much 5:13 right now. 26 degrees. 76. wish it was coming up, the super bowl is popular thing being i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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you are watching abc sevens "good morning washington." with cynne simpson and scott thuman. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> checking our top stories, baltimore ravens fans took to after their team beat the san francisco 49ers to win the super bowl. tosses three touchdown passes. the ravens 31-34 victory. hold a victory parade tomorrow. causeno word on the exact of the power outage that delay her to four minutes. officials say an abnormality triggered the shutdown. back up systems kicked in. not sure exactly what caused initial blackout. president obama heads to
5:17 am
minneapolis today in an effort to win support for his gun- control plan. he citye house said taken important steps to reduce gun violence. the president will talk about with local leaders and law enforcement officials. news around the nation now, searching for answers after a deadly tour bus collision in southern california. say at least eight people died. dozens more were hurt. this is when the bus collided two vehicles. the bus driver reported having brake problems as the vehicle came down a mountain. the bus was headed to tijuana, mexico. people injured in a weekend bus crash in boston have now been released from the pop -- .ospital the bus hit an overpass. a group of high toool students headed home philadelphia after a visit to harvard university. police say the bus did not particular road of height restrictions. company says the driver
5:18 am
and sawown at his gps the bridge to late. we turn now to a developing story in texas. a shooting at a remote gun range has killed two men. one was a former navy seal. >> just a terrible story. arrest.ave made an they are still trying to figure out exactly what led to the .eath .nterest answer has more -- navy sealghbor for his recordwn number of killed as a sniper, and this man were shot and glen roseurday in texas. a hunting guide found their bodies. , eddie raythis man up truckok piles pick and drove to his sisters house. it was there that ralph admitted kyles sister that he shot and littlefield. the sister called the police. a neighbor describes the scene. four shotgunske on them. i know, time passes, he starts down thees
5:19 am
road. him.all take off after a short chase, they charged ralph who was with murder and is being held $3 million bond. four years in the and was unemployed at the time of the shooting. no word on a mosys. -- motive. kyle may have been helping he was killed. >> there has been some mention was auspects mother ,choolteacher, for a long time to mr. have reached out to try and help her son. x this is how friend and fellow -- cox travis talks remembers him. the man was a servant leader. he was ad others areas humble man. , reporting.encer >> funeral services will be held former new york city
5:20 am
mayor ed koch. friday of congestive heart failure. read speakers at his include bill and mayor bloomberg. new york fromf 1989. he is credited with helping the climb out of its financial crisis. he will have a subway station named after him. 77th and lexington avenue. >> 5:20 is your time. >> 10 degrees below average for a high this afternoon. we have antime, pretty calm day to look for. that has of clippers been moving through -- it has a halfout a week and we had these series of movingdisturbance is through and us a dusting of snow. today will be calm during the day, but this evening will get another round.
5:21 am
they can see the location of our latest system. this is moving through parts of the great lakes right now. toward milwaukee, doug chicago. -- down toward chicago. you could even potentially the latter part of the commute. keep that in mind as you get ready to come back today. 28 degrees as our temperature right now. it is very dry. out of the north northwest at seven miles per hour. other temperatures, 23 in gaithersburg. culpepper, 25. lexington park, 28 degrees. it feels like 16, 14 in gaithersburg. bwi.els like 14 at do dress appropriately and cover things up. luckily temperatures all across the great lakes and into the are lookingeas we
5:22 am
at a lot of 20's here. 40s and 50s to the south. as we head into the future, you can see the position coming for the drivetime. the overnight hours, it will cool out again. here comes our next clip pushing through very quickly. that is tuesday night into wednesday morning. ar pattern will change after that. increasing cloudiness, eyes tonight,4 and 38 areas expecting snow showers around .5 or less. take a look at your seven-day forecast. second clipper , then 40's for the week, even pushing friday. that will be rain rather than snow. that is the latest on whether. let's go to the traffic. quiet on the roads. good from the traffic center. am hearing from metro rail there a broken down train.
5:23 am
use the green line in the ranch avenue, they are dealing with a broken down train right now. expect delays. take a look at 395. no problems. like the entire way is good. and to our nation's capital , a little bit of volume forming. no surprise. out of the south to where the , that is wide open. glenmont, you are good to. i to you.
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5:25 am
secretary of state john kerry and sell to state today.ent employees a very first weekend on the job. carrie was born in on friday,
5:26 am
reached out to israeli and palestinian leaders, telling them the obama administration continue to push for a peace agreement. he had lunch with former georgery of state schultz. >> virginia's senate could be for a budget stalemate. democrats are demanding that agreed tol assembly extend medicaid under the affordable care act. they are signaling that if it does not happen, they will try force a stalemate. unlike last year, a budget summit would not pose the threat of a government shutdown. if lawmakers do not come to an state will keep operating under the budget approved last year. virginia's general assembly also a showdown. this amount transportation. -- house and senate will $3.1 billion transportation bill. this calls for eliminating the which would be replaced by a hike in the state sales tax 5.8%. this also includes a $100 fear
5:27 am
-- see. that are just learning garrett county schools dealing with a delay today. we will keep you updated on that. >> an alert for metro riders. why you might change your normal routine.
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suntrust. how can we help you shine today? >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> you are done, right? >> ray lewis preparing for his desperado is a ravens player.
5:31 am
-- parade as a ravens player. first, let's check on storm this morning. another round of snow today? good morning to you, washington. a simpson. >> i am scott thuman. talk about the snow right away. let's get to our meteorologist to talk about what we are going to see and where. >> another dusting of snow. going to happen until late this evening and into the i do think this will be a late evening event. it is a chilly start, that's for sure. -- d.c.. that is the hotspot. we do have a little bit of wind. that brings the windchill factor -- down. it feels like 15 in frederick. only 12 at dulles. not a huge issue for today. cleared up behind our
5:32 am
clipper from yesterday that brought a trace of snow. we only got 1.5 inch for the reagan national. this is our next clipper right here. , thato towards milwaukee heads our way by late this evening. keep that in mind. it could touch the tail end of the commute. increasing cloudiness today, temperatures in the middle 30's. we will check on traffic this morning. is the wayt, that to ease into our monday morning. metrorail has a broken down the green line, experiencing early delays. if you are not taking the railway express, and hitting 95 northbound, a little bit of volume. pretty much wide open in dale city. right across 395, the 14th street bridge. no problems to report currently around the beltway.
5:33 am
scott, cynne, back to you. >> thank you so much. we want to update, the school closure. the schools in garrett county will be close, not just a delay. a lot of celebrating going on. ravens fans getting ready for a parade tomorrow in baltimore. closures, you might needed game.that late power outage delaying the game for the first time ever. rhiannon carter on top of all the activity. >> get your party hat and shoes on. celebrating for ravens fans after a night in the big easy. , 34-30 one to become super bowl 47 champions. the ravens came out strong. they brought home the lombardi trophy. joe flacco named mvp of the game. it was not all about the plays on the field.
5:34 am
are now calling the game the blackout bowl. the outage caused the game to stop more than a half-hour. it was one of those thing that happens. you have to deal with it. we were able to get some because they got their offense going. talking about the san francisco 49ers. it was not enough for the west coast team. the ravens bring the .elebration back to baltimore a parade is scheduled in ,owntown baltimore to say 11:00 a.m. >> we will be out there giving every minute of it. didns fans in baltimore the streets to celebrate , as we knewwl when they would. john gonzales continues our team coverage from baltimore, wearing purple. good morning. lack of sleep never felt so for folks here in baltimore. we are at the sip and bite whererant in maryland
5:35 am
fans of not gone to bed yet. they feel like celebrating a little more. the ravens girls are here. exciting morning for a of of folks in baltimore. it has been 13 years and the 2001s did this back in when they beat the giants. last night, what a nail biter in the end. halftime, it only seems like the ravens were just going to take this and run with it. then there was that unusual situation with the power outage. then the 49ers started coming back. the ravens fans started cheering. thousands of fans to to the streets when those final on the clock. any powder outage problems here ?t the diner not at all. >> not like at the superdome. we talked to baltimore city alice, they told us this is controlled chaos last night on the streets. lombard street, pratt street, and here in south point. there was one incident.
5:36 am
our cameras captured a news , thele here in baltimore windshield being smashed in. for the most part, things were very peaceful. a lot of excited fans. listen to some of them. we won the super bowl. the super bowl. >> i was shocked when he didn't ascend to heaven. theyre at the sip and bite keep playing the highlights on tv. are erupting in cheers. there'll be much more cheering tomorrow during the official that begins at city hall 11:00 a.m. and will make its to the stadium, where the ravens play their regular-season games. two champions in 17 years. too shabby. reporting live, john gonzales, seven news. >> not too all. thank you john.
5:37 am
a record-breaking day for local businesses catering to super bowl fans. a place specializing in allken wings -- look at these people. it is beyond busy, all day on sunday. it was packed with ravens fans. people who called in or came and three wait at least hours. are not in yet, the store estimated it would sell more than 30,000 chicken on super bowl sunday. a remarkable number. >> cannot have the super bowl without chicken wings. because of the super bowl, liquor stores were open for business in d.c. is the first time in nearly 80 years that they were allowed to open on sunday. the d.c. council approve the change last december. it was intended to make things convenient for fans and generate more tax revenue for the city. a heads up for anyone the pentagon metro station today. aresouthside escalators all crews replace
5:38 am
them. still be able to access the station using the northsideand .scalators it is expected to be finished this fall. replace 100 28 metrotors throughout the system. >> 5:37 right now. still ahead, the redskins did not make it to the super bowl, still hadarterback reason to celebrate. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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maryland invites you to an open house. any day during february. good morning, washington. welcome back to "good morning washington." we are here chatting during commercial breaks. let's check in with weather. donow we all know what you during commercial breaks. good to know. what a nice greeting, those .ids dress them this -- morning.tely this it is a chilly start. feels like the teens across parts of the region this morning. -- clipperb or
5:42 am
a snow.f adam caskey joining us live now. turnre talking earlier, into one bigrs snow. it would make us very happy. we would be fine if that happened. with some folks on facebook about that over the weekend. lepers movingy through, smashed them together and get one decent snowstorm of it. be a happy little meteorologist. a coating of snow later on this evening into the nighttime. i think it will be under an inch. a few spots north and west of the washington. they will have one to two. wendy seven degrees right now chaser truck. live in alexandria of the king street metro station. much wind here. there sheltered from building. at some of the other areawide temperatures. i left my hat at home, i should have. it is cold. 23 in northwest.
5:43 am
25 in warrenton. 20's this morning. in the mid to upper 30's this with that dusting or light coating of snow coming later this evening and into tonight. i think the rush hour should be be a close call. most of the snow will be just after rush hour. speaking ofated hour, let's take a look at roads. i like that morning. thank you. on our monday morning. workd way to start off the .eek the metrorail had a broken down train outside the college park .sian they said they have taken care of that. and the greens but they are trying to get back to speed. good morning, d.c. baltimore-washington parkway avenue, not too much tell you about. beltway lanes are open. here is new hampshire avenue as you crest the american regional -- american legion bridge.
5:44 am
you see the volume as you had through. just around the corner, you can , buthe volume increase thel some space between cars. >> thank you so much. 5:43 now. , a critical 26 degrees. , the latest on a bizarre shooting in texas. , the latest on a bizarre shooting in texas. and [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and f aormer mility members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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>> welcome back. it is 5:47 now. in the story about a half- just beend may have >> this out of london this morning. we go to the live desk for details. researchers in london have the remainsed that they found in a parking lot this man -- king third. the he rolled in the 1400s and is believed to have been the last monarch -- british
5:48 am
die in combat. are morning they have found them. they found a skull in the ground. can show you a picture of where it was found. they tested a canadian man who 17th generation of king richard. he tested his dna and it proved to be a match. this morning there will be a press conference later on in london to officially make this announcement. interesting stuff. thank you. in today's tech bytes, a look at the top searches during the super bowl. and facebook celebrating its ninth birthday. i am perez has more. ,in today's tech bite ,earching during the super bowl the gameearch during was for a live stream of the , it wasa and on bing the super bowl and the .lackout on yahoo, it was power outage. top-selling the for thene in the u.s. first time since to the launch
5:49 am
of iphone 5. temple run to is officially the , 50est growing game ever million downloads in less than two weeks. >> it is amazing that a game of this quality is free. once you download it, so many .hallenges it keeps you coming back for more. two is a free download. facebook's ninth birthday, it was originally called the facebook was launched on this today it has more than one billion users.
5:50 am
now to the nfl where was an rg3 sighting over the weekend. hand in newas on orleans, except in the nfl's rookie of the year award. he walked confidently to the .tage he joked that his injury was a -- he joked it was a
5:51 am
to stand on stage to award. the at 6:00 a.m.,ew talks about his recovery after that surgery to repair his knee. also what super bowl 47 mvp joe flacco now has in common with joe montana.are and the secretary of the army the result of a controversial investigation soldier complaints. andof that is still ahead 6:00 a.m. learning more about the man charged with killing a former navy seal and his friend at a reading range in texas say that eddie ray ralph wasn't in rack -- iraqi war veteran. police say he shot and killed former navy seal chris kyle and chad littlefield saturday evening in glen rose. $3 million held on bond. so far, no motive has been given. kyle was the author of the book ."merican sniper
5:52 am
>> a hostage standoff entering its seventh day. an open line of communication with the man allegedly holding a five-year- old boy hostage. they are in an underground ogre. accused of abducting the tuesday after fatally shooting a school bus driver. attended 500 people the driver's funeral on sunday. >> 5:52 now. pretty cold out there. when does not much of a factor, it felt like biting cold. >> a bit of a windchill factor. our temperatures well below average today. avidly a good 10 degrees. we think it will play and a little bit. you want to dress for us, that is for sure. cynne and icket. both the sweater dresses. our temperatures will be warming up later. this conga line of clippers we had for about a week and a
5:53 am
half is ongoing. .e have another two first one we will be here, movingright midwest at this time. bringing snow to chicago and milwaukee. traveling to those areas committee that in mind. evening, it could clip the latter half of the commute. something to watch closely on the timing of this. it is a very fast-moving system. in the meantime, a little bit of sunshine to greet us. wendy eight degrees is our temperature. some winds north northwest at .even that is bringing the windchill factor down. temperatures in the low to mid 20's for the most part. windchill is bringing it down. it feels like 21 in washington d.c. so kind of cool for this time of year. we will see clouds increase day and that will help pull the temperatures down this afternoon. snow showers moving through this
5:54 am
clearg and overnight. out tomorrow, then our in tomorrowoves night and into wednesday morning. break andll take a warm things up. increasing clouds today, 34-38 degrees. i tonight, snow showers likely around .5 inch or less. 26 degrees to 32. temperatures will be in the to near 50 degrees by the theof the week into weekend. our next chance of any friday.ation will be on that will be rain. the commute home may be tricky the back half, how are things to start with? >> good. we need that on monday mornings. a quiet start. glitch, ahad a little outside of thein station.ark just a little bit of a delay here. let's get you out to the roads. come up newington beltway, seeing the volume on the increase.
5:55 am
on the george washington parkway there are height restrictions for a reason. -- a truckasses reported stuck in the area. parkway near the memorial bridge. the crash reported to 70 near urbanna. -- 270 near urbanna. .o delay here at 109 we will keep a close watch on that for you. back to you. >> thank you so much. the question this morning, are you ready for pizza sliders? >> who wouldn't pay. they sound delicious. tell us what they are and to news,s more business let's get to linda bell live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. you have us both salivating. before we talk about food -- at tomato prices. to worry about them going skyhigh. tomato grows from mexico have to abide to a pact
5:56 am
the prices of goods. according to the census bureau, imported nearly $2 worth of tomatoes from of 2011. if you like eating salad, the -- price of lettuce to may hurt your wallet. we at bloomberg looked at government data and found that and otherof lettuce salad staples could in fact go up. if you are sick of all that pizza hut iszza, planning to roll out pizza sliders. just 3.5" is, they will be the personal pan pizzas they offer. if you want to try them out, will offer them for four o'clock p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at participating stores tomorrow. you already know, a lot of food items hitting the market. mcdonald's recently rolled out mcbites. i am linda bell.
5:57 am
i am salivating as well. awfully hard for us to stay from the fast food. thank you so much. 5:56 is the time. >> coming up, find out what
5:58 am
5:59 am
first lady laura bush making an appearance in d.c. today.

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